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  • 1 What’s Smart Trade?

  • 2 How to use Smart Trade?

  • 3 Why you need Smart Trade?

  • 4 Risk warning

1. What’s Smart Trade?

Briefly speaking, Smart Trade is an intelligent & 7/24 hours “swing catcher”. You can use it to schedule buying and selling at the same time with the Take Profit and Stop Loss, which can help you to get the up-trend profit and avoid the risk of huge losses.

Smart Trade consists of 3 parts: Buy-in setting, Take profit setting and Stop Loss setting. After these three parts of parameters are confirmed, you will start your Smart Trade strategy! With the Smart Trade, you can make an inestimable profit with a controllable loss to and never need to constantly monitor the markets any more!

2. How to use Smart Trade?

To create one Smart Trade order, you just need:

  • Buy-in setting

The following info need to be filled in:

1) Buy-in price: We only support buy-in with limit price currently.

2) Buy-in quantity: After filling in the purchase quantity, Smart Trade will automatically calculate the corresponding investment amount and the proportion. You can also drag the slider directly to set the invested funds.

  • Take Profit setting

There are 2 modes of Take Profit: Fixed-Price Take Profit and Trailing Take Profit. When the price reaches the trigger price, both modes will be executed at market price.

1)Fixed-Price Take Profit: Turn off the “Trailing Take Profit” and fill in the take profit selling price. You can use the shortcut keys on the right to Take Profit at a price that is 10%/15%/20% higher than the buy-in price or fill in other price you want, the only limit is that the Take Profit price needs to be higher than the buy-in price.

2) Trailing Take Profit: Trailing take profit means that the strategy will be triggered when the price reaches the sell trigger price, and then when the price achieves the “maximum price – trailing percent”, the order will be executed at market price.

The parameters that need to be set include the sell trigger price (same as above, you can use the shortcut key or manually fill in it) and the trailing percent. The maximum limit of the trailing percent is determined by the sell trigger price and the buy-in price.

The maximum limit of the trailing percent = (sell trigger price – buy-in price) / sell trigger price * 100%, that is to say, as long as the order is closed by Take Profit, the profit of this order will always be >=0.

  • Stop Loss setting

You just need to fill the price that you want to close the order and stop loss . If you

don’t want to sell your asset at a low price or want to be a long-term holder, then you can set the stop loss price at 0.

3. Why you need Smart Trade?

If you have tried our Grid Trading Bot before, you should know that Grid Trading Bot is more suitable for the volatile markets, and the greater the volatility it is , the higher grid profit the bot can make .

However, when the bull market comes or some cryptos pump in a short period, the grid profit will be less than the profit in holding due to the mechanism of Grid Trading Bot.

Imagine that when you see a crypto that rises rapidly, you will want to chase the rise, won’t you? But there will always be another voice in your head to remind you that it may fall sharply &immediately after you chased the rise, right? Then all you need is Smart Trade.

The following gif shows how the Trailing Take Profit works.

We can see that when the currency price rises to the trigger price (134.81), the Trailing Take Profit strategy is turned on and the trailing percent is 5%. When the price fluctuates and rises, as long as the price stays in the range from “the maximum price” to “the maximum price- trailing percent (5%)”, then the order will continue executing, earning an up-trending profit.

Only until the price goes down and achieves “the maximum price- trailing percent (5%)” the order will be closed automatically at this price (154.03).

As we can see, Smart Trade is a good option for the fluctuations and up-trend (such as Pionex leveraged tokens or other popular cryptos with high volatility) and can help you catch up the up-trending without worrying about sudden drop.

4. Risk warning

Both Fixed-Price Take Profit and Trailing Take Profit will be executed by MARKET PRICE. Therefore, in the case of violent market fluctuations, the large buy/sell volume may directly affect the market price.

Pionex recommends that you should confirm the depth and liquidity of the invested crypto before using Smart Trade to avoid risk. Pionex does NOT recommend investing a large amount of money in cryptos with poor depth and liquidity.

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