A Letter to Regular Customers

A Letter to Regular Customers of BitUniverse 🌈

Dear BitUniversers, We are grateful for your enthusiasm and support for the past 3 years. ❤️ It’s been a long time that BitUniverse didn’t promote great upgrades, and we feel sorry for that. Good news is our new version BitUniverse 3.0.0 finally met you on September 3th, 2021! 🥳 Upgrades of this version are as follows: 👇 First, it supports more exchanges. 🧁 BitUniverse will keep engaged in optimizing trading functions. KuCoin and OKEx will be supported on the new version, and so will be Coinbase Pro soon. It will support more exchanges in the future, and we are looking forward to hearing from you as for what exchanges you want to be supported here. Second, manual portfolio and importing wallet functions are removed. 🍀 Due to the API interface limitation, the P&L number calculated based on which is not always accurate. So, the new version removed the manually adding portfolio as well as importing wallet functions. We are seeking to find automated accounting methods, which can assure the accuracy of funds and P&L numbers, rather than manual ways, which seems not very smart. We welcome your valuable thoughts on that topic too. This new version may cause some inconvenience to those who are used to manually adding portfolios. If you need to keep operating that function, you can download the old version package via following links (still holds portfolio and importing functions). However, please be noted that BitUniverse will not upgrade it and we do encourage you to use the new version. 🎯 Download old version package here: 👇 For Android: https://search.data.bituniverse.org/apk/bituniverse_portfolio_3.9.99.apk For IOS:​​https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bituniverse-bitcoin-price/id1329338902 Optimizing the position P&L function on BitUniverse is in our future plan. Give it some time, BitUniverse will be better! May you succeed in trading! Cheers! Sincerely, BitUniverse 2021.09.06

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