Q1: How to reset 2FA if I lost Google Authenticator?🐥

Just shoot an email to service@bituniverse.org and tell us that you need to reset your 2FA. Our professional staff will give you step-by-step guience to help you out!

Q2:What if it reports error when I import or syncranize the API key? 🙋

First, the error reports "change your network and retry", then you should check whether your access to internet is normal. If your internet is not decent, please improve your internet connection. Besides, check whether you have installed Firewall on your phone, and turn it off if it's on. Second, the error reports "invalid key", which means the API Key is invalid or it has expired. Doublecheck and make sure that the API key you imput or scanned is authentic. Moreover, recreate a new one If it has expired.

Q3: Why can't I create a bot successfully? 👾

It's probably because your API key doesn't permit "enable trading" or has expired, or you don't have enough balance on exchange. (1)If you didn't select "enable trading" when you create API key, you should go to check that permission. (2)If your API key has expired, create a new one please. (3)If you don't have enough balance on your exchange account, go to deposit more.

Q4: Does BitUniverse take a commission on my trades?🧁

BitUniverse does not charge any trading or other hidden fees, and simply has no technical way of doing that. We advise that you not allow "withdraw funds" permission of your API Key, so that you are restricting direct access to your funds on exchange.

Q5: Why does the bot get stuck and report error? 🙉

Read throughly the reported error when the bot gets stuck, and try to solve the problem by virtue of the prompting message. If you still need help, contact us by joining in our Telegram group https://t.me/bituniverse or send us an email at service@bituniverse.org. You may attach with your registered email or cellphone number, the exchange and trading pairs you are using, etc, BitUniverse staff will help you out.

Q6: Which bot shoud I pick? 🤔

BitUniverse has been equiped with a selection of ready-to-configure bots to help you automate a variety of trading strategies, among which gird trading bot is the entry-level one and the most popupar, which is good choice for beginners to start. View the full list of strategies here.

Have other questions? Contact us at: 👇 Telegram: https://t.me/bituniverse Email: service@bituniverse.org

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