Futures Grid Bot


To go long or short has always been a topic in the constantly changing crypto market. Usually, it is the bullish longs who are ready to embrace financial freedom, but the bearish shorts turn out to be the winner. However, no matter whether it is to magnify your profit through margin or to increase fluctuations via futures, the key lies in your ability to predict future market trends.

To do so, you must be well-prepared for market fluctuations. 80% of crypto will show price volatility, and so it is necessary to have abundant knowledge and experience in transactions, as well as the patience for monitoring the market 24/7. The high requirements of profiting from the crypto market have set back numerous investors.

Many investors are wondering if there’s a tool that can help them to profit without keeping an eye on the market? Well, the Futures Grid Bot has come to the investors’ rescue as an effective tool that can satisfy all appetites.

1. What is the Futures Grid Bot?

Just as its name implies, the Futures Grid Bot is a combination of grid trading and futures trading, which can bring grid profit for users when going long or short.

The bot will divide your investment into several grids and keep buying low and selling high within the price range. The futures grid is like a fishing net - by tracking the price of the contract, the bot continuously reaps profit from grids.

2. What kind of investors are suitable for the Futures Grid Bot?

2.1 Investors who want to go short

Statistics show that most investors choose to go long in the futures market. Regardless of the market dynamics, if one wants to go short, the Futures Grid Bot will be a less risky and more profitable choice. Compared with spot trading, the Futures Grid Bot can earn investors with not only grid profit, but also extra funding fees paid by the long side.

2.2 Investors who want to magnify profit via leverage in grid trading

Investors can now gain stable profit via KuCoin Trading Bot in spite of the market volatility. As shown in the survey of community users, many of them want to magnify their profit when running grid bots, and the Futures Grid Bot can perfectly match their needs.

2.3 Investors who want to trade in futures market but lack of experience

Generally, futures trading requires experience and skills. However, the Futures Grid Bot greatly lowers the threshold for entering into the futures market, offering investors AI parameters to help them start trading without commanding in-depth knowledge of futures trading.

2.4 Investors who do not want to bear high risks

The Futures Grid Bot keeps buying low and selling high within a preset price range and arbitrage, so even if the investors misjudge the market, they can earn grid profit. If investors choose to go short, they will probably get the extra profit from funding fees paid by the long side. In theory, the longer the bot runs, the higher the profit investors can get, because grid profit can cover the losses caused by the wrong projection of the market.

2.5 Investors who want to be free from the 24/7 market monitoring

Investors can set “Stop Loss” in “Advanced Settings”, meaning when the bot reaches the take profit price or the stop loss price, orders will be automatically closed and liquidation can therefore be avoided.

3. How to use the grid trading bot?

Step 1: Enter BitUniverse App, and click "Trade" on the bottem, and then click "Bot" on the top. After selecting echange (Bianance for example), account type (futures), and trading pair you wanna use, click "Create a Bot".

Stpe 2: Click "Create" right after "Futures Grid".

Step3: Configure Bot Parameters.

<2> Set the lower limit and upper limit for price range, how many grids(2–150), and choose Arithmetic/Geometric grid spacing type. <3> Choose the leverage you want, for now only 1×, 2×, 3×, ……., 10× are available. <4> Choose the amount of your investment.

After setting all the parameters, you can tap the“CREATE” button, then the bot will start!

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